Working Bees and Events 2015

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Working Bees and Events 2015

PostPosted by Craig » Mon Feb 16, 2015 8:21 pm

FoBR Working Bees & Events for 2015
The following dates have been drafted up for FoBR working bees and events this year. I have tried to schedule them around other local events. Please let me know if there are any major clashes.
February Sat 21st 8am Working Bee
March Sun 22nd 8am Working Bee
April Sun 26th 8am Working Bee (was Sat 25th but moved due to Anzac Day)
May Sun 24th 8am Working Bee
June Sat 27th 2pm Social Ride
July Sun 26th 8am weed removal day (with PCS onsite to help)
August Sat 29th 8am Working Bee
September Sun 27th 8am (possible clash with CORC evening 3Hr XC race - could move to Sat 26th)
October Sat 31st 8am Working Bee
November Sun 29th 8am Working Bee
December Sun 13th 2pm Xmas Social Ride
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