Trail vandalism at Bruce Ridge

Trail vandalism at Bruce Ridge

PostPosted by Craig » Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:02 pm

Friends of Bruce Ridge (FoBR) is the group established to work with ACT Parks and Conservation Services (PCS) to undertake park care activities within the Bruce Ridge Canberra Nature Park reserve. This includes the establishment and maintenance of an approved, legal trail network. All of the trail closures and trail improvements at Bruce Ridge over the last few years have been conducted by FoBR and PCS to ensure the ecological preservation of native flora and fauna, and the sustainability of recreation facilities.

On Saturday 21 February, FoBR held a trail maintenance working bee. One of the jobs completed was to close a short cut that had developed on the south side of the ridge near Belconnen Way. The short section of shortcut trail was closed to stop water running down the trail, and to reduce erosion due to skidding. This southern side of the ridge is the most ecologically sensitive part of Bruce Ridge due to the presence of rare native orchids.

Since this section of trail was closed on the weekend, a persistent person or persons have reopened this closed section of trail multiple times. This has involved dragging large rocks and branches off the closed trail. More recently, the trail vandals pulled down trail closure notices and bent stakes hammered into the ground. The authorities have been notified of this vandalism and will be investigating.

Any unauthorised trail building or modification in Canberra Nature Park, including Bruce Ridge, is illegal.

If you have a problem with any trail works, want to suggest changes to trails, or contribute to the maintenance of trails at Bruce Ridge, then please contact Friends of Bruce Ridge via one of the channels below.

If you have an issue with the park care arrangements being enacted by Friends of Bruce Ridge, then please contact ACT Parks and Conservation Services.

The trails in Bruce Ridge are the only legal multi-use (mountain bike) trails in Canberra Nature Park. The trails initiative at Bruce Ridge is considered a trial, and is being closely monitored by the ACT Government. Any unapproved illegal trail work in Bruce Ridge (or other Canberra Nature Park areas) threatens the future of mountain biking in these reserves.

Thank you for your understanding.
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