Sun 26 Jul Working Bee

Planned maintenance activities within Bruce Ridge

Sun 26 Jul Working Bee

PostPosted by Craig » Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:00 pm

Hi All

Things have been a bit quiet for FoBR over the last couple of months as some of us have escaped the Canberra winter. Luckily PCS have been hard at work installing new trail markers and trailhead sign boards.

We expect there will be a formal launch of the Bruce Ridge trails in the near future - woohoo! We will email the details as soon as we have confirmation from PCS.

The plan for this month is to return to a couple of the most ridden sections of the outer loop to polish them up for the launch. Please note that we will meet at the AIS eastern car park, and not the caravan park this month.

Date: Sunday 26 Jul 2015
Time: 8am-12pm
Meeting Location: At the AIS eastern car park - Masterman Street (N1 on the old Bruce Ridge map).
What to Bring: Your favourite trail tools, particularly fire rakes, mattocks, shovels, and bush saws.
As usual, please bring food, water, weather appropriate clothing, eye protection, gloves and sturdy footwear.

Planned work Areas:
Outer loop on the northern side of Bruce Ridge near Gungahlin Dr.
- Commuted : fix corner close to the path/road where the edge is breaking away. Reinforce corner and maybe add slight berm.
- Commuted : west from the above corner, where the logs were installed years ago and trail has widened. Add chicane to wash off water and narrow trail. Maybe build A line and B line options.
- Log run: GDE switchbacks - add dirt to cover logs & roots and fix drainage.
- Cootamundra Wattle: as we work on the northern side we'll also cut down Coota Wattle which is a native weed establishing itself in BR.

Any last minute updates will be posted on the FoBR Twitter feed.
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