Working Bees & Events 2016

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Working Bees & Events 2016

PostPosted by Craig » Mon Feb 15, 2016 8:17 pm

Dates for working bees & events
Sun 21 Feb - 8am Working Bee #1
Sun 3 Apr - 8am Working Bee #2 (rescheduled due to Easter - was Sun 27 Mar)
Sun 24 Apr - 8am Working Bee #3 (Anzac day long weekend)
Sun 22 May - 8am Working Bee #4 (rescheduled due to local XC race - was Sun 29 May)
Sun 26 Jun - 2pm Social Ride
Sun 24 Jul - 8am Working Bee #5
Sun 21 Aug - 8am Working Bee #6
Sun 25 Sep - 8am Working Bee #7
Sun 30 Oct - 8am Working Bee #8
Sun 20 Nov - 8am Working Bee #9
Sun 11 Dec - 2pm Social Ride

Areas needing attention
All trails - need drainage channels cleared and outslope reinstated, general pruning for sight lines and head clearance
Belco Way Switchbacks - drainage / puddle fixes, replace log near Calvary gate, fix blown out corner,
Heath Run - fix blown out corners,
Woopie - pruning below east water tank, fix trail around pipe on fire road, add more timber to log ride
Daviesia Down - add more technical rock features, maintain trail edges and berms
Daviesia up - fix erosion between Davisia up and Woopie
Just in Time - maintain berms, consider building berm on off-camber corner
Terrafirma - tweak trail alignment, improve drainage, add technical line over rock pile
Northface - fix drainage roll overs, add more rock technical features, look at dead trees hanging over trail
Hidey Ho - fix drainage roll overs, add rock to keep people on trail and for technical

Working Bee Plans
For each working bee address specific issues listed above, plus general drainage & pruning. Also remove Coota Wattle when in flower (mid winter).
#1 Feb - Burin & Belco Way.
* PCS - need big log dropped on Calvary road near Belco Switchbacks entry and also recommend big log to block exit to lights off GDE
#2 Mar - Heath Run & Woopie
* PCS - need microwave sized rocks dropped on road above blown out corner and at pipeline on Woopie
#3 Apr - Justin Time
#4 May - Terrafirma
#5 Jul - Creek Run, Super D, Happy Wanderer, Hidey Ho - pruning & drainage
#6 Aug - Daviesia Down & Hidey Ho
* PCS need microwave sized rocks dropped at top of ridge near start of trails (not near previous drops!)
#7 Sep - Northface, Rake Hoe
#8 Oct - Commuted, Log Run
#9 Nov - Box Gum Margin - pruning & drainage
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