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Bruce Ridge Map

PostPosted by Craig » Mon May 09, 2011 1:51 pm

Following discussions with ACT Parks and Conservation Services, mountain bike and walking trails at Bruce Ridge are now being formalised, and a number of trails have been changed or closed. From April 2015 ACT Parks and Conservation Services will start installing trail markers and signs.

The following new map (April 2015) shows all management roads, bike tracks and walking trails. Trails that have been closed have been removed from the map.
Bruce Ridge Trail network April 2015.pdf
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Here's the previous map from August 2014 showing trail closures:
Bruce V7 map August 2014.pdf
Bruce Ridge map - August 2014
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The updated map does not yet have grid (which is helpful for working bees, etc), so here's the original old map. ... MGY5&hl=en
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Re: Bruce Ridge Map

PostPosted by telephunk » Thu Jul 24, 2014 9:50 am

is there any information available on why which tracks were designated for closure and which weren't?

And what about the scope for new tracks, what is that governed or guided by? who is responsible for proposing and for approving new trails?

Especially curious given now that signs are out its the first I've learnt of the extent of net loss in trail the trail network that is proposed (or already approved), and I'm interested to know how this decision was arrived at.
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Re: Bruce Ridge Map

PostPosted by Craig » Tue Aug 19, 2014 10:02 pm

The maps show which trails are marked for closure and which will remain open. FoBR has been discussing the trails strategy with PCS for the last 3 years - this has involved reviews by PCS ecologists and a trails audit conducted by IMBA-Au.

In establishing FoBR (which comes under the ACT Parkcare volunteer program), we agreed to operate under the following principles (in priority order):
1. Work with Parks and Conservation Service (PCS) to manage Bruce Ridge to achieve good conservation outcomes
2. To operate within the framework of the PCS Volunteer Policy
3. To engage with and educate the broader community
The proposed trail closures and changes are consistent with the first principle of conservation. The trails strategy to develop an easy outer loop, with more technical inner loop trails (including descent trail) is consistent with providing an experience for the broader community.

The plan for the outer loop and closures has been agreed with PCS, and they are now in the process of undertaking the closures (FoBR declined the back breaking pleasure of digging up old trails). FoBR's primary job from here is to complete the links and maintain the trails.

PCS are not really keen on seeing any more significant trail building at Bruce Ridge, although there is still some opportunity for people to be involved in the tweaking of the inner loops and descent trail. Anyone is welcome to come to a working bee and have a chat.
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Re: Bruce Ridge Map

PostPosted by minitalon » Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:15 am

I'm sure some of you may have thought to yourself onetime; What is the longest possible loop for Bruce Ridge?
So I decided to work it out. I hope it is helpful for if you're taking a friend to Bruce Ridge and showing them around.
It is best done anticlockwise and instead of doing all of terra firma it is better in my view to do box gum and then link back to terra firma.
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