2011 - Trail maintenance dates

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2011 - Trail maintenance dates

PostPosted by Geoff Hyde » Sun Jul 17, 2011 3:30 pm

The following dates are the trail days for the rest of this year. These dates have been worked in around events, other trail days and trying to switch between Saturdays and Sundays. Mark them down in your calendar:

Sun 7 August; - Team Leader - Matt.
Sat 3 Sept;
Sun 16 Oct;
Sat 12 Nov; - Team Leader - Geoff
Sun 4 Dec

Individual Team Leaders for the days will be scheduled in advance with meet points and priority of works to be posted up in the trail mainentance sections for discussions. The TL will be responsible for planning the works in advance and liaising with PCS if any assistance or equipment is required as well as sign in sheets and briefings.

If there is any major changes to the dates (eg controlled burn getting in the way etc.) then we will post up the change.

If you have an idea of a section of trail which you really want to stamp your mark on the ridge then let me know and I will allocate a day to you.

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