Sunday 1 June 2014 Working Bee

Planned maintenance activities within Bruce Ridge

Sunday 1 June 2014 Working Bee

PostPosted by Craig » Mon May 26, 2014 1:46 pm

Date: Sunday 1 June 2014
Time: 8am-12pm
Meeting Location: At the small carpark just off Belconnen Way, first left about 500m after Gungahlin Drive (D9 on Bruce Ridge map). Look for the lamppost with paint on it.
What to Bring: Your favourite trail tools, particularly fire rakes, mattocks, and shovels. Also, pruning saws and secateurs would be good.
As usual, please bring food, water, hat, eye protection and sturdy footwear.
Planned work Areas:
Dave has some maintenance planned along the southern side of the Ridge to keep the trails in prime condition. We will probably work along the ridge heading east towards the caravan park.

Hopefully the warm weather holds up for the first day of winter!
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